Friday, 20 May 2016

Bramhotsavam sets a perfect example in 2016 of how not to make a movie!

I would like to appreciate skills of director Srikanth Addala to convince Superstar Mahesh Babu to assume the role of an Actor cum producer in a movie which literally has no story. The director’s motive of making a film (Celebration of family) with huge cast turns to be a loss of face.

When the movie started, I felt like riding a bicycle on an uneven surface and trying to adapt road conditions. I switched multiple modes of transport to catch up with racy first half and ended up with a flat tire by the time movie reaches it’s interval. In retrospection, I just felt that the casting is dancing ridiculously all the way(so called celebration) and four songs passed my way quite unintentionally. My idea of Mahesh Babu’s Bramhotsavam from a stress buster turns of to be a STRESS BOOSTER.

Screenplay is directionless. There is no soul in the movie that connects with the viewer. Given a chance to trim the movie’s length, the editor has humongous freedom to chop any scene. Because there is no flow or logic required to execute Bramhostsavam’s so called “Manchi maata” in first half. Rao Ramesh’s character blows up with frustration before interval which depicts the context of pathetic audience in a perfect sync.

I had little hope that second half would entertain me in my journey but Samantha comes like a spoilsport. In an attempt to rephrase the story, I realized that there is only a small story line which is lost somewhere in the Northern part of India. Some dialogues in second half had let me double check my proficiency in Telugu; don’t know why it’s complicated. I felt exhausted coming out of the theatre and strongly recommend everyone to stay away from the movie. Any Mahesh’s fans can try once and feel the pain in a**

Title justification – Feel your home like a dance floor and dance unreasonably to test audience patience.

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