Friday, 20 May 2016

24TheMovie‬ - A perfect cinematic experience playing with time.

Writing script for a complex subject like "Time travel" is genius and presenting the magnum opus can become an Achilles heel. But the director Vikram K. Kumar is picaso at explaining complex subjects. He is one among the few directors who understands audience pulse through out the movie.

It starts like a regular film and the director has sub-consciously trained the mind of audience during the love track about how he executes time travel. It sets a perfect stage for second half and takes you though a journey of thrilling twists.

Suria is at his best as an antagonist and its a cake walk for him to play a protagonist. Smantha and Nitya Menon were perfect and did justice to their roles.There is no need to review this movie(period!). Just go, watch and experience the directorial brilliance behind the screenplay.

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