Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Udta Punjab – It’s worth the fight against the so-called “Samskari” CBFC

Truth is bitter to accept. The moment you speak the truth, there is a huge negative force that tries to make you unpopular. The Gutsy don't care; but there is always a censor gateway that acts like a granny! Team Udta Pujab decides to face the music because nobody can cease the truth.

The movie portrays how drugs are influencing the male youth of Punjab and how the system is allowing drug mafia to grow into a wildfire. It is a tale of four different people where each one of them hails from a different background but have one thing in common; they are affected directly or indirectly by the drug menace in Punjab.

Speaking about the performances, Alia Bhatt breaks the stereotype of playing a cute little girl and lives the character as a farm laborer from Bihar. The movie starts with smuggling a packet of drugs from Pakistan to India (thrown) over the fence. Alia inadvertently finds the packet and learns about it. One bad idea planted in her mind throws her into troubles which she can never come out of. Alia Bhatt gives an award winning performance in her struggle to escape from the addiction and live the dream of her life.

Shahid Kapoor looks terrific as Tommy Singh, a popular artist who sings about drugs and intoxication. His energy levels are too high and acts extremely high as if he consumes drugs just before the shoot. It is a challenging role for any artist. His first album release as an artist influences youth of Punjab to become another Tommy singh(The GABRU). Unknowingly the youth loses everything in the lusts of drugs. When Tommy learns about how people were influenced by him, he feels like he can never forgive himself. The anger and pain he takes to handle the GABRU image vs Reality is one of the highlights of the movie. What happens when Tommy tries to run away from the persona of GABRU, is what drives him to destiny.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh justify their roles and fights against the system to find out the source of drug distribution in Punjab. The debut performance of Diljit as a corrupt police and an under the hood investigator is appreciable. Kareena looks as a matured and responsible doctor. Abhishek Chaubey, the director deserves applause for being gutsy and showing what Punjab is affected with. The Background score by Benedict Taylor stands unique and adds more value.

All in all, Udta Punjab is an honest attempt to deliver the truth in a foul-mouthed manner. It shouldn’t stop any adult from watching it. Even the Samskari CBFC had to approve changing the initial 89 initial cuts to a single cut from screen-play. A special thanks to Mumbai high court for allowing  to screen a definite entertainer with reality.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A..Aa - It's a typical trivikram's celluloid entertaining all the way.

I'm left with an awesome feeling after watching the movie. I think Trivikram's pen is made up of aesthetics(Rasa ~ Navarasalu) rather than regular ink. It's a clean movie delivering the right emotions. The movie starts on a lower note and as it proceeds, it turns out to be an interesting narrative. The title A..Aa ( Anasuya Ramlingam Vs Aanand Vihari) is an apt one describing the entertaining journey with tender heart touching emotions.

The story is a simple one, revealed in the second half of the movie. The first half runs in a village atmosphere around Samantha’s bustle. Samantha takes the lead and narrates most of the film. Nithin steps into a responsible role and is limited to keep one’s cool. Anupama Parameshwaran, the next female lead looks cute in some scenes and justifies her role. Naresh, Nadiya and Rao Ramesh’s characters are properly designed and executed well.

Situational comedy is the strength of the movie and trivikram is a master in it. Songs are good and beautifully choreographed in village background. Natraj and Dudley handled the cinematography. Some frames in the movie are rich and pleasant to watch. Audience are connected thought out the movie because of a perfect screenplay. Virtually, Samantha steals the show with her acting and Nithin does a decent job in second half. Climax worked well and it is one of highlights of the movie. Dialogues written at the end are hilarious and leaves audience with a great feeling.

Trivikram's magnum opus is back with his trademark narration and rhyming punch dialogues, making it a worthy watch.